Zimt Technology

The SAP installed base knows the tremendous value potential for business innovation and user productivity gains through remodeling the SAP user experience. The challenge has been the lack of tools to cost effectively deliver next generation Apps that meet "consumer grade" expectations for usability and performance.

Zimt has engineered a new cloud integration platform that changes the game. It provides a technology bridge between legacy SAP and next generation User Experience App development, delivering breakthrough performance with agility to meet those demanding new expectations.

Zimt Foundation

Provides the new Cloud plumbing for completely secure and validated data entry while delivering unmatched "consumer grade" App performance.


Pre-engineered new SAP wiring that empowers next generation developers to create amazing, innovative, consumer grade Tailor Fit Apps.

App Assemblers

The building blocks for rapidly assembling Zimt Apps tailor fit to the unique, innovative possibilities for each client organization.

ZPacks - Going Beyond BAPI's

ZPacks are intricately pre-engineered, optimized data and logic packages that resolve the complexity of SAP to deliver everything required to innovate around a specific business process.
Everything the next gen developer needs from SAP, without needing to know SAP. This empowers the amazing UX innovation, speed and personalization delivered in Zimt's Tailor Fit Apps.

Why is this critical?

The traditional method used by other solutions for accessing SAP is through RFC/BAPI calls (also used to populate ODATA methods). But the data and service requirements to satisfy dynamic UX front ends requires a much more complex, deeper integration requirement than they can meet.
  • Data relationships such as the complex one to many to many nested calls for header to line item details
  • Pulling in all the titles and descriptions for the respective fields, picklists and lookups
  • Functional logic, buried in the t-codes on how the data is used and the "if-then" interdependencies
  • Role Security
  • Workflow integration
  • Contextually related data for decision support
  • Submit validations and error handling
  • Performance optimization
  • Integration of non-SAP data and services
Working with this complexity requires a deep ABAP data understanding as well as broad SAP functional module knowledge. The execution, when available, is through fat, chatty calls going back and forth between the UI and SAP that are painfully slow - too slow for consumer grade App performance and too complex for the contemporary UX developer to deal with.

ZPacks Change the Game

Development Simplification

ZPacks are pre-engineered to resolve all of the above logic and data inter-relationship needs using methods optimized for performance at a level of sophistication well beyond the traditional RFC/BAPI constraints.
SAP is presented to the UX developer as complete packages they can easily integrate using their devleopment tools of choice for PC, web, and native mobile Apps unencumbered by legacy complexity.

Breakthrough App Performance

More importantly to the user, ZPacks deliver these packets optimized for App speed through the cloud, eliminating the inefficiencies in the legacy methods. ZPacks proprietary algorithms and aggregators accelerate App performance to meet consumer grade demands - loading 5K invoices with all contextual data from 2 minutes to 2 seconds!

Zimt Infrastructure

Zimt has been architected to access legacy SAP on-prem environments through the cloud to deliver browser and native mobile Apps. There are a range of options for this configuration that can be used based on client preference and existing infrastructure. Zimt can be easily deployed leveraging Microsoft's Azure cloud and take advantage of complimentary services offered through Azure and Microsoft Office 365.
Zimt works with virtually any version of SAP and is compatible with HANA but does not require HANA to produce consumer grade performance.