ZimtApps P2P with Operations Spend Management

Operations spend is driven by Operations personnel out in the field who are building and maintaining plant equipment and assets. It must be simple to use, while providing everything needed to make decisions and act at the user’s finger tips. Zimt’s P2P for Operations App is built to optimize the Operations procurement process and manage the business spend by giving field users a dynamic new Application delivering everything on an intuitive “single pane of glass” needed to execute their job.

ZimtApps P2P with OSM is a complete Software Solution ready to deploy to improve the Operations procurement process and manage business spend. It has been developed for real world usability, working with “hard hat” users out in the field and the other key process participants (buyers, suppliers, approvers, inventory & warehouse, project managers, cost center owners) in the procurement process. Connected real time to SAP through Zimt’s breakthrough integration technology, it delivers everything required on screens tailor fit to the Operations user needs.

Connected real time to SAP

Zimt technology allows our Apps to “Zimt” SAP in real time, creating an amazing differentiator in the P2P space—options in the SAP market don’t have the great User Experience, and 3rd party P2P products don’t have the real time SAP connection—Zimt combines the best of these worlds into a dynamic new solution. With this integration, ZimtApps P2P can accomplish Operations Spend Management with real time visibility and interaction to key ERP areas including:
  • • Inventory and logistics to know what is in stock (only buy what is needed) and where the new shipments are in process and when received
  • • Cost Object tracking to know what the budget and spend are for specific work orders, project activities and cost centers
  • • Workflow visibility as items go through the entire process from need identifying to Purchase Requisition to Purchase Orders to notifications when it has been shipped, received and approved for payment

The Ops Procurement process involves a team of users with important roles, and Zimt provides great next generation tools for each of these workgroup participants that dramatically improve the way they execute their tasks and communicate real time as a team. This innovation accelerates process throughput, dramatically improving efficiencies and direct cost savings. Key components include:
  • Mobile Requester to pass mobile pictures of needed items back to the desktop
  • Requisitioner’s Portal with real time visibility to inventory and cost object spend analysis
  • Smart Forms for PRs and POs with Predictive Assistance in pre-filling in the details
  • Buyer’s Portal to facilitate PRs to POs and manage vendor arrangements
  • Supplier’s Portal to provide on-line access to supply chain partners
  • Approver’s Portal providing all information on a single screen to act on workflow approvals
  • Group Collaboration with integrated on-line instant messaging and shared comments