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Zimt's network of alliances further our core mission to bring industry-leading SAP integration solutions, for the benefit of our customers. Zimt is based on the ideology that simplicity is ultimate sophistication Strategic partnerships with market leaders that compliment Zimt's vision allow us to deliver breakthrough technology for our customers.

Nintex, the global standard for workflow automation, automates simple to sophisticated business processes from the back to front-office. More than 5,000 customers in 90 countries, through the company's global network of more than 1,100 partners, turn to Nintex's Workflow Automation platform to drive productivity and accelerate business results.

SAP integration for Nintex Forms and Workflows

  • Simple, Complete SAP Integration: A level of sophistication well beyond the traditional RFC/BAPI constraints.
    Based on exhaustive analysis of native t-codes and function modules
  • Development Simplification: SAP presented to Nintex as complete packages - no need to know SAP.
    Accelerate Nintex development unencumbered by SAP complexity.
  • Breakthrough Performance: ZPacks delivery optimized for App speed throught the cloud.
    Proprietary algorithms, aggregators and compression.
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The SAP Startup Focus program fosters entrepreneurship with an all-access pass to leading technology products such as the groundbreaking SAP HANA platform, business and technical support from industry experts, and market visibility.

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