Zimt Tailor Fit Apps

Tailor Fit Apps built on Zimt technology fulfill the possibilities framed up in the design thinking process, uninhibited from being stuck with new "in-the-box" limitations. They deliver perfect fit solutions to meet unique business possibilities quicker and more cost effectively than out-of-the-box options, while delivering a much more robust return on investment:

  • Business Value in the freedom to dynamically enable business process re-invention to deliver direct ROI to the bottom line with rapid time to value.
  • User Value is all about the App experience and making it simply delightful to execute sophisticated tasks and improve performance with direct decision support information.

Productivity through Sophisticated Simplification

Tailor Fit Apps are built using constructs proven to optimize usability and business impact by delivering on the powerful paradox of higher sophistication through a simpler UX

Single Pane-of-Glass

Key to the Zimt UX strategy is delivering everything that a user needs to make informed business decisions and action from a single screen
  • Reduced screens, tabs, keystrokes, confusion
  • Integrated analytics and contextual data for quicker, better business decisions

Usability Tailored to Each Device

The right screen for the right device for the right task
  • Simpler, sophisticated usability in Apps using the full real estate on their desktop, often with dual monitors
  • Mobile Apps tailored to the native functionality and UX of the device they are used on

Familiar Navigation

Usability standards consistent with Microsoft Outlook and Office for instant familiarity
  • Instant adoption without training
  • Decrease in user errors
  • Increased productivity

Personalization with Predictive Assistance

Zimt Apps are smart, providing users with auto defaults and favorites suggestions based on work group history
  • Simplified entry of data field choices
  • Dramatically speeding up completion of forms
  • One-click completion of many tasks

Business Innovation by Interface

Dynamically changing the way users interact with SAP allows amazing possibilities for re-inventing business workflow processes as tasks are simplified, eliminated and enhanced:

  • Work Group support features integrated into the Apps for effective collaboration and real time support including "uber-admin" assistance
  • Integrated reporting and process metrics that help manage the redefined processes

App Assembler Building Blocks - The UX Secret Spice

Zimt Tailor Fit Apps are rapidly assembled using existing Zimt App templates tailored using Zimt App Assembler building blocks and integrated seamlessly to SAP through the pre-engineered Zpacks.

Zimt App Assemblers include easy integration hooks into other data and services to allow complex composite mash-ups to be delivered seamlessly through the UX single-pane-of-glass.

  • Zimt Apps can include leading edge elements such as: Big Data, BI Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, CRM, ECM, PLM, Enterprise Social and more
  • The UX is assembled and personalized to each client's unique business possibilities while the back-end ZPack plumbing and wiring remain the same

Zimt App Portfolio

Zimt has developed a portfolio of proven App templates that include the following:

Invoice Approvals

The Invoice Approvals App provides everything the end user needs to make informed approve/reject actions, pulling information from 16 different SAP screens onto this single-pane-of-glass. It is being used by over 2,500 users in the field for a leading Oil & Gas Company.

Scheduler's Workbench

Zimt's Scheduler's Workbench App provides a complete view of SAP production orders, where they can be moved "drag and drop" style to reset the schedule as needed. It also provides them with relevant contextual information to help the scheduler make decisions and take action without needing to navigate to other pages. Used by a major Oil & Gas company to schedule production at their fluid and chemical plants.

Human Capital Management

Zimt has a number of Apps that provide new ways to interact with the SAP Human Capital Managment module. The MyEmployees App provides the manager a complete view of all the employees in their organization tree with a full set of information pulled from a broad range of HCM data, all accessed from this single-pane-of-glass.

Purchase Order

Zimt's Purchase Order Form, part of the Procure to Pay solution suite, incorporates Predictive Assistance to make it easy to complete a new PO based on the user's work group history. This format is used for many Zimt Forms that require entry in a number of fields and have the header to line item relationships.