Zimt's breakthrough cloud integration technology

empowers dynamic SAP user experience "remodeling"

delivering next generation Tailor Fit Apps for SAP

Breakthrough Technology

Zimt transforms cloud access to legacy SAP, providing new plumbing and wiring to empower amazing possibilities for SAP UX remodeling.
  • ZPacks pre-engineered new wiring accessing SAP data well beyond existing BAPI methods
  • Platform for amazing agility in UX innovation built on the power of ZPack cloud technology
  • Breakthrough App performance with unmatched "consumer-grade" speed

Tailor Fit Apps for SAP

Next generation Apps with the agility to be tailor fit to the unique possibilities of each business, personalized for each user.
  • Instant, intuitive adoption while providing amazing new capabilities that re-invent SAP process participation
  • Single Pane-of-Glass UX provides everything needed to make decisions and act on tasks from a single screen
  • Predictive Assistance provides one-click guidance in completing tasks

Innovation Experience

Zimt's role as trusted design guide, providing insight into the options and possibilities for SAP UX remodeling and design thinking.
  • Advisory guidance for discovery and project definition for best-fit solutions with Zimt, Fiori, and/or Personas
  • Zimt innovation workshop delivering tailored solutions in a few short days
  • Progressive support of Apps that keeps them running smooth and growing with the business




Email: information@zimtapps.com

Phone: 844 226 6245